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Why I roll my eyes everytime my husband takes a photo.

I am by no means a pro photographer. But why is it that whenever I ask Andy to take one simple photo, we always end up annoyed at each other? I'll usually end up complainig about something and he'll reply with "Here we go again.." hahaha! I take most of my photos during the day, so that means Monday to Fridays they're usually taken when Andy is at work. On the weekends I always end up asking him to take photos for me; somtimes they're of me with the girls and sometimes they'r


This wasn’t how I thought my first post was going to end up when I first thought of starting a blog, but something happened today that I thought was something most of us can relate to? Judgement. It’s something you will almost certainly come across when you become a parent. I’ve been judged and there have times I have judged myself, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Today however, I experienced something that has never happened before and I felt the need to share. My family & I

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