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An Easter Egg Hunt with a difference!

My girls are super excited about Easter as they are every year. With Maddi & Mikayla now both in school and loving numbers, I thought I'd try something a little different for their Easter Egg Hunt this year.

Not only will they be finding eggs this year but I thought I would surprise them with an Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt! I turned one of their Easter colouring-in sheets into a Puzzle and then hid the pieces into empty Easter eggs for them to find during the hunt.

What we purchased

We went down to our local BIG W to source all the items we needed for our Easter Egg Hunt. I love shopping at BIG W as they always offer amazing variety and great value products for festive celebrations. There was so much to choose from, I know that I'll definitely be heading back there for some Easter hat supplies for the girls school Easter Hat Parade.

Things I purchased for our Easter Egg Hunt from BIG W:

With all the rain we decided to do an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt. The plan was that once the girls had found all their puzzle pieces and completed it, we would reward them with a bucket of Easter goodies from BIG W! The bunny buckets contained a book, Arts & Craft activities and of course; lots of chocolate!

What we did

I asked the kids to colour in a sheet from the Easter Artwork Placemats and used that to create the puzzle pieces. The colouring sheet was also purchased from Big W and I'll link it down below.

Now that the kids have finished their colouring, it's puzzle making time!

What you'll need

  • Artwork

  • Contact paper

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Ruler

1. What you'll end up needing.
3. Draw out your puzzle pieces. I went simple and just did squares but feel free to be creative!
4. Time to contact & trim.
5. I did it bit by bit and used the ruler to help smooth it out.
6. Cut out your pieces, mine ended up being 82 pieces!
7. Remember to number the puzzle pieces!
8. I numbered each piece behind the puzzle to make it more educational for them.
9. Make sure you test it out first. ;)
10. I put 3-4 puzzle pieces in each egg.
11. And put Easter eggs into some of the others so it would it be more fun!

And the result...

Here's a few snippets of when we finally surprised the girls with the Easter Egg Hunt and need I say more? They absolutely loved it!

P.S. here's a little video that captured everything!


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