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My parenting journey

So here I am, writing online about what parenting has kind of been like for me.

So let’s talk about the last two weeks, it HAS been exhausting. I think it has been one of my worst runs yet and it all comes down to... discipline? Would that be the right word for it? A bit more about this in a sec..

So for those who don’t know, Maddison was diagnosed with selective mutism and mild anxiety about a year ago and we are still seeing a speech therapist & psychologist. Maddi has been making a lot of progress and I am SO proud about how much she has come out of her shell lately. But let’s just say.. with her new found confidence, she’s not quite the reserved kind-a-girl she use to be.

Back to the discipline thing; Maddi is at the age where she’s testing a lot of boundaries. She’s mimicking me CONSTANTLY, trolling Mikayla all the time and she’s the most EMOTIONAL cry baby ever?!

And let’s not forget about Mikayla! We can’t talk about discipline (or more accurately: LACK of discipline) without mentioning my loving two year old. My typical middle child, the rebellious child, the one who walks to the time-out corner.. willingly..

Look, when Maddi is at school and I usually have one on one time with Mikayla, she’s actually the sweetest girl out. But put Maddi & Mikayla together, and it becomes World War III at the Ong household. I used to be so patient when I first became a Mum. But lately it feels like my patience is just gone? I feel so bad when this has happen, does this make me a bad mum?

They’re constantly trolling each other AND me. They do this EVEN when they’re both in their time out sessions; they’ll laugh when they see that I’m annoyed. I know this is supposed to be normal for kids their age, but c’mon all I hear is “mine mine mine” from them every 10 seconds.

I try to keep all these negative feelings inside because I‘d hate to think what if the kids could sense it, but sometimes I can’t help but feel a little annoyed and it’s a losing battle? Maybe it’s just been a few bad weeks, I don’t know. Am I doing something wrong or am I just overereacting? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

P.S it doesn’t help that my youngest is also super clingy at the moment. Sometimes I don’t know who to run to first when they’re all crying 😭


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