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Updated: Jul 10, 2018


Some of you may know that we have a king sized Koala mattress that we seriously love. We love it so much it replaced our more expensive Sealy one that now sits in the guest room.

You've probably all heard the "you spend a 1/3 of your life sleeping" line when looking for a mattress, but I never realised how important it was to also find the right pillow! After sleeping so well on the Koala mattress (well... as 'well' as you possibly could with 3 kids under at 3 anyway) we thought we'd give their new pillow (The Ultimate Pillow) a go. It didn't take too much convincing for Andy either, I just had to show him the name and he was keen.. "How can you show me something called the 'Ultimate Pillow' and expect me not to want it?" he says.

This pilllow box is quite special. Check out my video on instagram

So I'm a side sleeper and Andy's a tummy sleeper. I like feather soft pillows and he likes gel/memory foam. Needless to say, we've got a bunch of different pillows that are a pain in the ass when it's time to change covers haha.

This pillow is filled with 100% polyeurthane gel foam with 'cooling' gel infused throughout. The cooling gel infusion creates a cooler, softer memory foam that maintains it’s form for better support compared to traditional memory foam pillows. With Andy being a sweaty sleeper (sorry to name and shame babe!) it's really good for him that the pillow is ventilated to help keep him cool at night.

What I love about it is the comforrrrrrttttt it provides! It does what a contour pillow is supposed to do without the weird shape! The pillow has Smaller holes in the outer zone which compresses less, giving your neck proper support while the bigger holes in the center zone compress more to cradle your head. This helps me soooooo much since used to often wake up with a sore neck!

And the BEST feature about this pillow, is being able to flip it to support high AND low positions! I love my head deep into the pillow while Andy thinks he's going to drown so needs to have a 'firmer' pillow to hold his head up higher. So we both have the same pillow now and no more fighting about who has whose pillow, well.. he's really the only one complaining that I hog all the pillows when sitting in bed.

There you have it. Finally, one ultimate memory foam pillow for all types of sleepers and positions. Andy and I no longer have to go buy mix match pillows no more!

Check out the pillow here:

Watch our little video we created: Click my instagram to view my video

The pillow retails for only $120 and that includes free shipping (4 hours delivery in metro areas). I've spent double that on my previous pillow so this is great value in my books. ALSO, Koala is providing a 120 night trial as well where if you don't LOVE your pillow, you can send it back for free. Don't have anything to lose if you ask me!

P.S - if you want another 10% off, feel free to use the code "MATESWITHJENNYONG"


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