Somewhere over the rainbow.

Okay, so it's not really somewhere over the rainbow but you can find the The Tiny Giant just in Petersham, Sydney.

If you are a Willy Wonka fan OR simply after a savoury + sweet brunch, you definitely need to check out this little 'tiny' gem of a cafe!

When I first saw the Willy Wonka Brioche Toast (just one of their amazing creations) on Instagram, I immediately knew that the girls would LOVE it! I knew that we would have to eventually drop by to check it out, so when we got there the girls and I were not disappointed!

It's a small busy little cafe located on a corner. There's a row of parking just opposite and it was relatively easy for us to wait for a spot to park the car. This worked out really well for us because it was raining quite constantly, so we only had to cross the road where we were able to stay under cover while waiting in line.

We were allocated the corner table and was able to squeeze our pram in between seats and tables into the corner *phew* - just a quick tip though; our pram is a Babyzen Yoyo+ which is quite small & compact, so if you have a larger prams maybe consider leaving it in the car as it may be difficult to manoeuvre once inside.

It's a very popular cafe obviously, so if you'd like to get a quickly table try coming earlier because it does get busy and there was a constant line of people waiting for a table. The staff were extremely friendly though and kept us updated while we were waiting for our table. They promptly took our order and checked-in with us throughout the meal to make sure everything was in order; the food also came out really quickly!

Selfie with the family, ha maybe just Andy & I ;P

We ordered the famous brioche toast (obviously! haha), the famous Belgium waffles and the baked hotpot with chorizo. When the brioche toast and the Belgium waffles came out, the girls eyes LIT UP just like 'kids in a candy store'.

The brioche toast and Belgium waffles were served with strawberries, mixed berries, Canadian maple, salted caramel, mascarpone & Persian pashmak. The attention to detail and effort put onto the plates was simply just amazing - just check out the presentation in the photos below. They were the kind of dishes that sparked the "oohs-Ahhs" reactions from other customers in the restaurant, even though they were all ordering the same haha!

I'm actually a little disappointed because my photos don't do them any justice. It was raining and cloudy, so the sun was constantly in and out causing weird lighting. The photos aren't that great, so make sure you go and see these marvellous dishes for yourself!

Famous Brioche Toast 18.9
Famous Belgium Waffles 18.9

I personally loved the baked hotpot; slow cooked tomato sugo, mushrooms, danish fetta & two free range eggs baked in an iron pan. I added chorizo ($4) on top for the girls because both Maddi & Mikayla love eating chorizo and sausages. It was a simple dish, but it was very hearty and perfect for a rainy day! Andy loved the Belgium waffles (no surprises here) and the girls couldn't wait to try the brioche bread, something they started calling the 'fairy' bread. Both of the dessert dishes tasted as good as they looked; sweet, full of flavour and the fruits were great to break up the dish.

Baked Hotpot 17.2

I am very excited to come back to this cute little cafe to try out the rest of the menu. Every one of the dishes that came out of the kitchen was so well presented that I immediately knew that I'll be coming back haha.

Another great thing is that they are serve their breakfast menu all day as well as some awesome Campos coffee! Oh yeah, did I mention that Andy left behind his takeaway coffee in the rush to get the kids back to the car? He was devastated.

Reg. Coffee 4.0

The Tiny Giant

Address: 110 Audley St, Petersham, NSW 2049

Trading Hours: Mon - Fri 6:30am to 3pm Sat - SUNDAY 7:30am to 3pm


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