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We're sorted for a few years!

Mikayla and Maddison showing off their new lunch bags and boxes!

School has already started for some kids and for others it will start next week. Some moms might be in tears because their babies are all grown up and starting primary school. Well, that's going to be me next year when Maddison starts kindergarten next year; pretty sure I'll be crying that whole week!

So a few weeks ago, we were lucky to be invited to the #bloggers_bbq (hosted by @kids_business ) where we were pretty by the Australian lunch time goodies company Smash. When Maddison and Mikayla first opened their big box of goodies, the eyes for lit up and all I heard from then on was "this is mine"& "No, this is mine"on repeat.

In typical 'sisterly love' fashion, they fought about who was going to get what and each called dibs on pretty much all the items haha. Maddison's favourite item is the purple Cascade water bottle (which actually glitter floating through the sides) while Mikayla's is the hamster/bunny/mouse (?) lunch bag since she has this thing with cute looking characters!

My favourite in this collection is definitnely the Bento Switch Up box it's the perfect size for lunch and I can fit so many different foods in there for the girls! Bonus points for the Bento coming with a matching lunch bag! So what you see here is the girls range, there's also a boy range too so you definitely need to check it out as I think they're equally awesome!

As if Maddi wasn't excited enough to go back to school (she's been asking every day for the past 4 weeks if she wasn't going to school today) she and Miki are so in love their new back-to-school goodies that it's going to make lunch time so much fun! I highly recommend you keep an eye out for Smash products at your local Coles Supermarket or even check them out online! They're 100% Australian, believe in quality design and are all about reducing waste in the environment!


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