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Yes, we totes meant it..

So following the announcement of our 4th pregnancy, we received lots of ‘wow’ and ‘that's crazy’ comments, even a few people asking ”Was it planned?”

For the record, yes it ABSOLUTELY was a planned pregnancy 😊

So we're not actually offended at all (in case that's what anyone who is reading this is thinking). We totes get how crazy 4 kids under the age of 5 sounds (gosh it does sound nuts when you say it out aloud), but we wouldn’t have decided to go for #4 if we weren’t absolutely sure that we were ready for our family to grow.

I’m actually 14 weeks today, which means baby’s due date is 4th July! (Andy yelled out Independance Day out at the ultrasound even though we live in Australia.)

So how's it been so far? To be honest, pregnancy #4 has been quite overwhelming so far for a number of different reasons:

  • I got hit with 'morning sickness' in the first trimester

  • I usually have help from my mother but she was away on holiday for the whole month of December

  • All 3 girls caught HFMD (hand foot & mouth disease) at the same time which lasted close to 2 weeks

  • It's been soooooooo HOT lately!

While juggling the older three kids while being pregnant has been exhaustingin the last 4-5 weeks, we've actually also managed to start up some good routines as well! Mabel now sleeps in her own cot, Maddi & Mikayla both eat by themselves at the dining table & just today Mikayla started calling out when she needs to go toilet as part of her toilet training!

Deciding to try for #4 meant that we had to consider A LOT of things; new car, additional finances, space in the home and even though we had already gone over all of these things - I'm still occassionally worried? When we went to look at Kia Carnival's and Honda Odyssey's I think that's when it reeaaaaaaly hit me all at once and my thought process went a little something like this:

  • OMG I'm actually going to have to start driving a people mover

  • This is actually happening! I'm pregnant!

  • OMG, I'm going to have give birth again.. my poor private parts

  • And the after birth pain, is it going to be even worst now?

  • Feet cramps and back aches, welcome to the party

  • I wonder if it's going to be another girl or boy?

Oh just on this, pretty much everyone has been telling his that they have their fingers crossed hoping that it’s a boy for us. As everyone says, we'll be happy either boy or girl 'as long as they're healthy'. BUT... secretly Andy and I are hoping it’s another girl?! A lot of it comes down to being familiar with raising girls, where as having a boy all of a sudden will ve such unfamiliar territory? Who knows, either way we absolutely CAN'T WAIT for thie gender reveal.

Andy told me the other day he has a feeling it's a boy and here's something that happened that very same day at dinner. We're eating out with my parents, Maddi & Mikalya are in their chairs and Andy was holding Mabel cause she was unsettled. I was just full stuffing my face with food, in the zone and not really noticing anything around me. Suddenly a pair of little hands grab my arms and a tiny voice called out "Mummy, mummy!" Being suddenly shocked out of my eating contest, for what ever reason, I actually thought it was Mabel? *Wait, how is she walking? Wait a minute, she speaks now?* Turns out it was just a little boy who had mistaken me as his mummy and was grabbing my arms because he wanted to be picked up. Mum immediately said "Yep, that's a sign it's going to be a boy!"

What do you guys think?

Happy 14 weeks baby Ong


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