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How to make a Kids Monster Memory Game

My girls are like really into monsters at the moment so while we were stuck at home for a while, I figured why not create some fun memory games for them. With the Cricut Explorer Air 2, it was quite easy to create.


  • Black Vinyl

  • Cutting Mat

  • Cricut Machine

  • Weeder

  • Cricut Scraper

  • Transfer Paper (I used Officework's Contact Paper)

  • Boyle Craft Round Coasters from Bunnings


Start a new project and pick your images to use for the memory game, I actually just picked some pretty cool dinosaurs that were already preloaded in the Cricut Design library. Make sure you the dimenions of the images are sized to fit within your craft coasters.


So here is where you need to hide what you are not cutting, make sure your linetype is set to Cut and now you are pretty much ready to hit the "Make It" button. You can choose do all your designs at once, or if you're like me - I chose to do each design in pairs.

At the next stage, you don't need the mirror the image (like we had to do for our T-shirt design) and just click on "Continue" when you're ready.

One thing I love about the Cricut is that EVERYTHING is laid out with clear instructions, I was told that I needed change it to Vinyl. Once it was the Material was updated, the next step was to load the tool and Press Go!

The machine will start doing its thing so sit back and relax for a bit.


Once the Cricut has worked its magic it's time to unload the machine and start doing the really fun stuff; it's weeding time! This is where you use your tools to remove the unwanted area of the vinyl leaving just your dinosaur imprints!


Here is where you start to transfer your pretty new vinyl, I'm on a budget so I used Officework's Contact Paper and it seemed to to work just fine for me. So basically what you do is here is take off the contact paper to apply ontop of your design, you then use your Scraper Tool to apply pressure. When you then start to peel the transfer (contact paper) off, the vinyl print should be stuck to the contact and then peel away from it's own backing!


So now you've got your pretty design ready to stick, it's time to attach it to the coaster. This is part is quite straightfroward and easy. Place it where you want to and stick it on, use the Scraper Tool again to apply pressure evenly. Then slowly peel away the contact paper and you're pretty much done!

Here are a few photos of the final result!


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